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Emmaus organises its big summer sale for the Brest wine merchants

Furniture, toys, crockery or books: there will be something for everyone at the big Emmaus summer sale in Brest this weekend.

The big summer sale of the Emmaus community in Brest is taking place this weekend, from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and from 2pm to 7pm on Sunday. Among the items on sale are books, crockery, furniture, hi-fi equipment, household appliances and much more.Most of the products are a third of the price on the second-hand market,” explains one of the volunteers, “so there’s sure to be something to dress up your living room in vintage style or to spoil your grandchildren at low prices.

Very strict sanitary rules

To prepare for the influx of visitors, which regularly exceeds 1,000 people, the organisers have insisted that sanitary measures be respected: masks must be worn and hands must be disinfected at the entrance,” said the organisers. Clients will have to be patient because their habits will be disrupted.There will be entrances and exits to be respected for each sales area, and when the store opens, we won’t be able to get everyone in the same way as in previous years, especially since there are often several hundred people waiting outside the doors,” explains Lydie, one of the community’s co-responsible people.

A sale made special by containment

The volunteers and companions are impatient: “During the two months of confinement, we couldn’t build up any stock. It was afterwards that we collected a lot of textiles, but in terms of furniture, for example, we haven’t caught up with the levels of donations of previous years,” explains Franck, the other co-responsible person, but he assures it: the selection of products is always as interesting as ever, whatever the context of this sale.

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