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Clothing, furniture ... Major brands seize the opportunity

This year, Ikea took the “Black Friday” on the wrong foot.Scheduled from November 24 in non-confined countries, the campaign, called “Buy Back Friday”, consists, for the furniture giant, to resume Billy shelves, Pax cabinets and other used Ikea products up to 50% of their price.In the same vein, the brand is opening a second-hand furniture store in Sweden this month.

The second hand is neither a revolution nor the result of a sudden ecological awareness among the seller of kit furniture.Since 2009, Ikea has been in partnership with Blocket, the Swedish Leboncoin: any advertisement concerning an Ikea product posted on this second-hand sales site also appears on Ikea's.

In France, since 2014, the "give your furniture a second life" offer allows you to resell your furniture to Ikea after estimating its value online.In Australia, this service, launched a year ago, has made it possible to buy back 10,000 objects.

A trend already in motion

If the offer is not new, its scope becomes global and its communication massive.And Ikea only confirms a trend already underway, including among the distribution giants.Leclerc, who has launched his second-hand store in 2018, was closely followed by Carrefour then Auchan.In textiles, in the face of the success of Vinted, the platform for purchasing clothes between individuals, Cyrillus, Petit Bateau and Etam have launched similar services.

With its in-store collection boxes, H&M announces that it has collected the equivalent of 145 million T-shirts in 2019.This second-hand trend is quite a revolution for these brands with models based on frantic rhythms of new products to low prices.

Posted Date: 2020-11-29

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