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An ephemeral trophy for protesters in Beirut: the taking of a ministry

Beirut (AFP) - Protesters take pictures of themselves under the elegant moldings of the damaged entrance hall, mobilized on Saturday after the deadly explosion at the port of Beirut, the protesters won an unexpected trophy by storming the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"We were about 100, there were a few policemen at the door, they opened it and we entered, there were no clashes," says Tony Kayrouz, a retired soldier who stormed with his comrades on the ministry.

At the head of this atypical commando? Retired General Sami Rammah who served under President Michel Aoun, when the latter was commander-in-chief of the army during the civil war.

The double entrance staircase of the elegant villa is invaded by dozens of demonstrators, retired soldiers but not only.

Some brandish makeshift gallows, symbolizing popular anger after the deadly explosion that left more than 150 dead and 6,000 injured on Tuesday.

"Revolution, revolution", "Free revolutionary, we will continue the path", they chant in chorus."Get out, Michel Aoun!".

"Congratulations, we have recovered the ministry", rejoices one of them.

Huge red banners were unfurled all over the facade from the roof, proclaiming "Beirut capital of the Revolution".

Protesters wait their turn to enter the reception hall in small groups, fearing that the building badly damaged by the explosion could be unstable on its foundations.

In a corner, near a wrought-iron staircase, piles of rubble; under a blown-out window, a pile of furniture, armchairs and rugs; on the walls are still black and white portraits of ministers successive.

Posted Date: 2020-12-30

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